We Determine Our Response

June 26, 2019 pwm1

More than half the difficulties in the world would be allayed or removed by the exhibition of good temper.

—Sir Arthur Helps (Image by Jordan Stimpson from Pixabay)

When the unexpected yet inevitable difficulty presents itself, our mind generally goes—out of habit—to one emotional state or another. For most, that state may be anger, rage, fear, or despair, but it doesn’t need to be that way. While we don’t (always) control what happens to us, we do absolutely control our mental response, our state of mind.

Once we accept the fact that we were put here to grow spiritually, we can begin to look at our difficulties through a different prism. Every challenge offers us a wonderful opportunity to grow, to become stronger. So, instead of lamenting what comes our way from an unexpected avenue, welcome it! Approach it head on, take charge of it, and recognize what it actually represents—a wonderful opportunity to sharpen our skills and advance further down our Path.

—Mike Hazell, Penn Wealth

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