We are, alone, responsible for our behavior

June 28, 2018 pwm1

Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image.


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (by JK Stieler, 1828; public domain)

…I abhor reality shows, especially those which revolve around the justice system. A constant stream of whiners, complainers, “victims of circumstance,” and excuse-makers. Nothing is ever anyone’s fault. Poor behavior is always the result of something somebody else did to the person exhibiting the behavior.

Bull! History is replete with souls who faced all kinds of very real and very terrible circumstances with character and perseverance, driven by a strong moral compass. No complaints. No lamenting. Just a faith-based inner strength that allowed them to plow forward in the face of overwhelming odds.

A small percentage of these people we know about from the history books, but the overwhelming majority we do not. The souls who didn’t seek out others in search of sympathy or “justice.” They just persevered. We don’t see much of those people on reality shows; they are too busy silently pushing forward. In the end, however, the great Reward will be theirs. Every action we take, every behavior we exhibit, will ultimately be judged.


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The tools are in front of you; you just need the right frame of mind to use them

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