The Path Toward Fulfillment

July 18, 2019 pwm1

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.

—Theodore Roosevelt (1904, Pach Bros.; Public Domain)

A short quote but packed with a powerful message. It is so easy for us to get dragged down by the minutiae of daily living and lose sight of the grand plan we designed for our lives. Without diligence, we will become consumed with the mundane and lose our focus. It is critical to keep that grand plan in front of us, adjusting it as needed but never abandoning it.

As for remaining grounded, how many great projects have been dreamed up but are destined to fail simply because we were unwilling to do the work required to bring them to fruition? Perhaps we want to be a great athlete, or author, or artist. It is important to visualize—daily—ourselves becoming that person, but our days must be filled with the actual work required to make that happen. For a soccer player, that may mean hour after hour of mundane drills to perfect one particular skill. For an author, that may mean writing and proofing 1,000 words per day, constantly striving to improve form and develop style.

We marvel at the great inventors, artists, entrepreneurs, and athletes. But we never see the daily grind they willingly put themselves through to become great. They always kept their dream alive by doing the work required to move themselves, grueling step by step, down the path toward fulfillment.

—Mike Hazell, Penn Wealth

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