The Noble Virtue of Patience

June 24, 2021 pwm1

Patience is a noble Virtue, and, when rightly exercised, does not fail of its Reward.

—General George Washington (Excerpt from 1783 letter to Reverend John Rodgers; Image licensed) 

Patience does not mean sitting around waiting for something wished for to simply manifest. It means knowing exactly where you intend to go, working diligently day in and day out toward that end, and believing fully that you will arrive at your destination in due course. It is not an easy path, which is why so many fail to achieve their grand plans. 

For anyone who has not studied the life and times of George Washington, he truly was a near-mythical figure in world history. The massive failures and enormous obstacles he overcame, against all odds, led him to greatness, and a nation to freedom. When George Washington speaks of patience, he does so with a level of understanding that few will ever know. 

—Mike Hazell

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