The Art and Science of Persuasion

June 4, 2019 pwm1

The very essence of all power to influence lies in getting the other person to participate. The mind that can do that has a powerful leverage on his human world.

—Harry Allen Overstreet (Photo licensed)

Don’t underestimate the importance of developing the power of persuasion—the ability to get others to take some specific course of action. Not only will this skill play a critical role in determining your success or failure in business, it can also have a massive impact on your overall happiness in life.

It may appear that certain people have a natural talent to influence others, but don’t despair; this ability is based on a science that can be studied, and is an art which can be developed. Decide, right now, to increase your own power to influence others. Study the tools, techniques, and actions used by successful influencers, and practice using them—even in the most modest manner—each and every day.

—MSH, Penn Wealth

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