Taking Responsibility

September 30, 2016 pwm1

I accept full responsibility for unethical sales practices (at Wells Fargo).


—Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf, on his company’s illegal actions of opening hundreds of thousands of fake accounts for bank customers without their knowledge

After making the above proclamation, Stumpf went on to fire 5,300 salespeople, but did not fall on the sword himself.  Words mean nothing without action backing them up.  How easy is it for a politician or a business leader or a drunk driver, for that matter, to say they take responsibility for their actions, and then go on to do everything they can to avoid actually taking responsibility.

This country is in dire need of leadership.  Leadership at all levels: from the Oval Office to the chambers of congress to the boardroom to the family unit.  We lead by acting ethically in all situations, never blaming others for our missteps, making no excuses, and forging ahead in a positive, proactive manner.  By following these simple steps, we will bring our lives back into balance and begin moving forward on our spiritual journey.


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