Take the Helm

December 6, 2018 pwm1

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.

Syrus, Publilius_PD

—Publilius Syrus (Public domain)

…When the sea on which we are traveling is calm, it is easy to talk tough and appear strong. It is when the inevitable storm hits, however, that we are able to measure not only others, but (more importantly) ourselves as well.

Leadership is developed, not innate. While some may show a greater propensity to lead, anyone can become a strong leader by developing the necessary skills. And there are two factors to developing these skills: experience and ability. Experience is gained by consistently putting ourselves in challenging situations. Ability is developed by constantly and consciously learning from those situations.

Sometimes great challenges are thrust upon us; situations for which we may not be the least bit prepared. Let composure be your hallmark. Remain calm, write down the challenge you are facing, and lists the actions needed to take control of the situation. Then simply carry out your plan of attack.

With the understanding that everything we face is designed to move us forward spiritually, we are able to calmly and methodically take action. And when we take action, our thoughts will effortlessly move from negative states of mind like worry and despair to positive states like decisiveness and serenity. And that is the essence of leadership.

—MSH, Penn Wealth

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