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A man with a surplus can control circumstances, but a man without a surplus is controlled by them, and often he has no opportunity to exercise judgment.

Firestone, Harvey Samuel_by_Underwood_c1910

—Harvey Samuel Firestone (1910; Public domain)

…This quote may make us feel a bit uneasy, but its truth cannot be denied. Perhaps the surplus Firestone is talking about is strictly monetary, but it could also easily include the conditions under which one is born. A nurturing, loving family, for example, versus a loathsome and dysfunctional one.

We look at all of the men and women throughout history who have overcome great odds to achieve something in life, but that doesn’t change the fact that the journey is easier for some than others. One child goes through life knowing that the path will be paved for them, while another must struggle to cut their way through the forest. Ironically, it is often the former who will lose their way, never appreciating what they were given.

Life may not seem fair, and a challenge that can easily be solved with money can seem insurmountable to someone with none. Remember, however, that God gave us our own unique circumstances in life for a reason. We had to be right here, right now, and we had to overcome this specific set of challenges. By understanding this truth, we can forge ahead decisively and with happiness, knowing that our Divine Path truly has been paved for us.


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Everything we do has consequences; whether we choose to accept that or not is irrelevant
Everything we do has consequences; whether we choose to accept that or not is irrelevant

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