Success & Forgiveness

February 10, 2020 pwm1

Success is the best revenge; forgiveness the best solution.

—Mike Hazell (Image Licensed)

It may seem as though you must choose between the two sides of that equation, but using the negative actions of others to fuel your success—while simultaneously finding it within your heart to forgive those individuals—can be a powerful combination for personal growth. 

Telling yourself that you will not be pushed around like that again, you map the route to the point on the horizon where they—or someone like them—couldn’t place you at such a disadvantage again. Perhaps that means being your own boss or simply having enough money to say to them, “get out of my way, I’m not playing your game.” 

After mapping the route, you begin doing what it takes to achieve that level of success. When you feel yourself slacking off or getting tangled up in the minutiae of daily living, you relive that experience and feel those emotions once again, and they spur you back into action with a vengeance.

Meanwhile, other than succeeding in life, what would irritate your antagonists more than taking away their power over your thoughts and emotions? This is done by forgiveness. You can still use the experience as a catalyst, you just remove them from the equation. Not only does this method keep you moving forward, it allows you to live a happier, more spiritual life! 

—MSH, Penn Wealth

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