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Some people bear three kinds of trouble—all they ever had, all they have now, and all they expect to have.

Hale, Edward E, pd see file

—Edward E. Hale (Public domain)

…Worry comes “naturally” to some people. Anguishing over our past decisions and troubles; uneasiness about where we are now; apprehension about what might happen in the future. As if those negative thoughts weren’t bad enough in the way they affect our psyche, they also tend to prevent us from taking the action we need to take right now to assure a brighter tomorrow.

The unexpected comes at all of us; the difference is in the way we react. If our automatic response is to lament our past, present, and future troubles, we need to change our perspective. That begins with the realization that God throws these specific situations at us for a reason. It is a test, and the first part of the test is how we immediately respond.

Get in the habit of smiling after being hit with a surprise. Instead of allowing your mind to be taken to a dark place, pull up a set of positive affirmations and take a minute to review them. Most importantly, keep moving forward. Push forward with the daily actions needed to move you closer to your goals. If our mind is occupied with the task at hand, it cannot simultaneously focus on dark thoughts.

Write the challenge down and set it aside. Come back to it from time to time while taking breaks and jot down possible solutions. By remaining as positive as possible, not lumping in past challenges or worrying about the future, we can most effectively deal with what is in front of us.



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