Patience versus Inaction

September 23, 2019 pwm1

Patience and inaction are two very different things. One requires emotional strength, while the other is a sign of emotional weakness.

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—Michael S. Hazell

Those who don’t understand the true meaning of patience often shun the attribute. They claim to know what they want, and they want it now. Unfortunately, they are often unwilling to tackle the specific, directed, often arduous or mundane actions needed to bring their vision to reality. That requires work, and they only want the desired outcome. Those who have a strong enough passion for that outcome, however, are willing to complete every required task standing between them and their desire. They have a faith-based patience, yet they work—day in and day out—to make that dream manifest within their lives. And that is what separates these extraordinary individuals from the pack of wishful thinkers. 


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