Our Perceived Baggage

November 18, 2021 pwm1

No matter our current situation or perceived shortcomings, we alone determine the amount of baggage we carry through life, and the extent to which it weighs us down.

—Mike Hazell (Image licensed by Penn Wealth)
Aerial Sunrise in the Midwest town of Mitchell, South Dakota

History is replete with examples of individuals who achieved great accomplishments despite having the odds stacked exceedingly against them. Inversely, there are those who seemingly have it all yet fritter away their time, leaving nothing to show for it. The difference is how one perceives their life and the world around them. While some lament the baggage they have been saddled with and trudge through life as though it were a chore, others refuse to be weighed down, instead focusing their energies on reaching one great and shining point on the horizon—a destination of their own choosing. 

—Mike Hazell

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