Live your life with a calculated, controlled boldness

June 20, 2018 pwm1

Boldness be my friend.


William Shakespeare (Public domain)

…It is so easy to remain in our comfort zone, maintain the status quo. But, in the eloquent words of Pope Benedict XVI, “you were not made for comfort, you were made for greatness.” Greatness in your own unique way.

If we don’t push the boundaries of our little comfort bubble, our mind begins to atrophy. Our dreams wither and our ambitions die a slow death. But, if we live with a calculated, controlled boldness, something amazing happens. First—and this is the hard part—we face immediate resistance. We open ourselves up to criticism and the unknown. It is not easy and it is not comfortable. However, if we maintain our bold mindset in the face of this resistance, we suddenly begin to experience life once again. That spark, that excitement, that passion we used to feel all the time when we were younger.

When we live with boldness as our friend, we still may not end up precisely where we set out for, but the Journey will have been incredible.



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