Let’s Save the Self-Righteous Indignation

October 4, 2013 pwm1

For all of the talk about how “angry” it is in Washington, here’s a news flash: 1. there has always been disagreement and vehemently angry exchanges within our government; 2. It is called living within a Constitution-based federal republic, which means elected officials have every right to disagree with one another.  Operations run pretty smoothly at a slaughterhouse, but one side of that equation gets a very raw deal.  Dictators rule with an iron fist and do not tolerate dissent, but is that how we want our government run?

Many people wish that the president could simply end debate and get done what he wants; thankfully, that is not the way our nation was set up during that hot Philadelphia summer of 1787.  We have seen duels and we have seen canes cracked over the head of congressmen before, so I am relatively sure we can handle this lively debate.  As for those who claim there are no “adults” in Washington, do something about it.  Run for office.  Work to get your “adult” elected.  But don’t claim that it is any worse than it has ever been, because that is a cop-out.  Finally, as far as the argument that America looks bad in the eyes of the world because of this debate, do not worry–our $17 trillion national debt has already taken care of that.

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–Mike Hazell

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