Humor Friday: Saintly Mirth

December 3, 2021 pwm1

If God can work through me, he can work through anyone. 

— St. Francis of Assisi (Image licensed by Penn Wealth)
Bronze Statue of St Francis of Assisi, Italy.

While Saint Francis was no doubt serious with his assessment, he would have appreciated the amusement his quote would give readers throughout the centuries. Considering the earthly demise of so many saints, it is understandable that they are looked upon with a somber reverence, but these extraordinary individuals often carried with them a keen sense of humor. They had freed their minds from the shackles of the physical world and were eager to share their glorious message with others. Today, 800 years or so after Saint Francis of Assisi uttered these words, his message lives on. 

For a brief look at the life of Saint Francis, visit    

—Mike Hazell

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