Humor Friday: Changing Your Perspective on Matters

January 18, 2019 pwm1

During our travels, the Indians entertained me well; and their affection for me was so great, that they utterly refused to leave me there with the others, although the Governor offered them one hundred pounds sterling for me, on purpose to give me a parole to go home.

—Daniel Boone (by Chester Harding, 1820; Public Domain)

…Daniel Boone was quite a character in American history. This portrait of him was done in 1820, when he was 84 years old.

As for the quote, Boone was commenting on his February, 1778 capture by a group of Shawnees who were backing the British in the war. Boone pretended to be friendly with his captors, even becoming the adopted son of Shawnee chief Blackfish.

In June, Boone was able to escape the camp, traveling 160 miles in four days to warn the residents of Boonesborough (KY) that the Shawnees planned to decimate the town. The siege took place at the end of summer, lasting nine days. The settlers were able to hold the attacking party off—despite being outnumbered—thanks to Boone’s early warning.

—MSH, Penn Wealth

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Setbacks are Temporary; Life is Eternal
Setbacks are Temporary; Life is Eternal

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. —Martin Luther King, Jr.  Advertisements

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