From Dream to Reality

August 26, 2019 pwm1

Combining faith with focused action results in an enormous force of energy; a power designed to bring our well-defined dreams to fruition.

—Michael S. Hazell (Image Free Use)

One cannot survive without the other. We can dream of something happening in our life; we can even have full faith that it will come to be. However, without taking the focused action needed to manifest our dream, it won’t happen. Likewise, we can map out the plan and begin doing the work needed to reach our destination, but if we don’t have the required faith, a full belief that we will actually arrive at that point, we will quickly be knocked off course and abandon our work.

So, we must have this magical combination of faith and focused action. We build our faith by calmly and confidently visualizing this desired state on a regular basis, making it absolutely real within our mind’s eye, using as many of our senses as possible. This meditative state then begins to drive our focused action, keeping us on the path towards its fruition.

MSH, Penn Wealth

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