Change Equals Opportunity

January 16, 2019 pwm1

The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.

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—Peter Drucker

…Although the word “exploit” has a negative connotation, that is certainly not what we should infer from Drucker’s quote. More than at any other point in time, change is taking place at breakneck speed, and even the smallest change—in society, in technology, in business, et al.—creates an opportunity for the astute entrepreneur.

Consider marketing. Less than a generation ago, we could market our enterprise through radio, print media, television, word of mouth, or flyers tacked to a wall or mailed out to prospective customers. Expensive and/or ineffective methods unless we had a serious budget to work with. Now, thanks to incredible advances in information technology and some very entrepreneurial minds, we can market our business through a number of different platforms. But, these platforms are always undergoing changes, and new methods and systems are always coming along—change to be exploited.

I am always taking online courses on platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, and Lynda. I began another one yesterday on digital marketing, and within thirty minutes the instructor introduced three fantastic tools I had never heard of, and all were free!

The entrepreneurial lifestyle can be tough, and it is easy to get mentally down and feel as if we are spinning our wheels for nothing. However, by constantly searching for the smallest changes in our industry or area of expertise, and then coming up with ways to exploit these changes and turn them into opportunities, we remain focused on our destination—leaving less room for worry. Here’s to the journey!

—MSH, Penn Wealth

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