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Mitch Teemley


Autumn, 1962. The thermometer was climbing and so was the economy; Dad’s income had boomed. To celebrate we’d decided to shoehorn a swimming pool into our miniature suburban SoCal back yard. Visions of bikinied girls and all the spectacular dives I’d make to impress them glided through my pre-adolescent head. We visited half a dozen swimming pool sales lots—they were everywhere in the boomy 60s. Life was good, and soon to be gooder! We found a pool company, appropriately named Aladdin, to make our wishes come true, and were about to close the deal when…

thmakj279jPresident Kennedy announced the Cuban Missile Crisis: Russian missiles with nuclear warheads aimed at the United States!

Everything changed. At school we learned to “duck and cover” (because no measly foreign-made atomic bomb could stand up to a well-made Masonite desk). Dad came home with brochures, and suddenly we were visiting bomb shelter sales lots—which…

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