Become the Embodiment of Personal Excellence

March 18, 2021 pwm1

All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare.

— Baruch Spinoza, Enlightenment philosopher (1665, artist unknown; Public Domain

Despite the ease with which the word is bandied about, there is nothing easy about true excellence. It is the result of one’s dedication to a mission they are passionate about, and a refusal to walk away when the going gets tough or to cut corners when it seems as though no one would notice. True personal excellence requires an almost dogmatic conviction; a certainty that one’s area of expertise can continually be improved upon—and a willingness to be the catalyst for change.

Ponder a short list of names of those who embody personal excellence; those who entered a given field, shattered old paradigms, and left a work of art for others to marvel at. Then, decide if you are up for the task. If so, one thing is certain: you will be part of a rare group of individuals.      

—Mike Hazell

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