Ability and Output

November 8, 2018 pwm1

Our work is the presentation of our capabilities.


— Edward Gibbon (by Joshua Reynolds, Public domain)

…Most of us believe strongly in our capabilities, but what is the gauge we use to measure them? How many years of education we have under our belt? The amount of time we spend reading or attending some sort of training? No. The real measure of our ability is our output. The work we produce, day in and day out. Look at it. Consider how much evidence you have to weigh, and just how effective it really is. Does our work belie the perception of our current capabilities?

Perhaps you are at a job which limits your natural or learned abilities. First, question that notion and produce the best possible output you can for your present situation. Second, let your creative or analytical abilities flow despite the limitations of your current job. Do this consistently, and you will wake up one day amazed at where your body of work has taken you.

—MSH, Penn Wealth

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