5 Secrets of Thomas Edison’s Success

July 29, 2016 pwm1

Vincent Egoro

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Most of us know the story of Thomas Edison, his inventions and their relevance in our world today, several years after his death.

Did you know he arrived New York from Boston (USA) friendless, and heavily in debt due to his failed experiments in Boston? I stumbled on an old interview of his in which he shared the principles that caused him to succeed in life and business.

I have decided to share those principles with you, as they are still very true today as they were back then, and they help you immensely in your journey to success:

  1. Being broke and hungry is a blessing

When Thomas Edison was asked if he believed hunger, and lack can compel a person to achieve success, he said “It certainly makes him keep a sharp look out. I think it does push a man along.”

I totally agree with…

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