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6 wealth & success volume 4 issue 1 January 10, 2016 Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved. tactical awareness I have returned from Germany with peace for our time. Did anyone really believe the Iranian gov- ernment would not violate the nuclear accord it signed with six world powers last year? The laughable deal that Israel's Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu, called "a bad mis- take of historic proportions" was doomed to fail from the start, and everyone (except the intelligentsia who cobbled it together) knew it. If there was any shock and awe at the recent launch of a ballistic missile by Tehran—their second since the accord was signed—it was how quickly and blatantly Iran thumbed its nose at the West. In response to this most recent viola- tion of the pact, the Obama administration announced new sanctions against the rogue state. There are a few problems with this "punishment," however. First off, the new sanctions come in verbal form only—there is no word on when they will actually be executed. Secondly, these "tough words" have only exacerbated the matter, with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani ordering his defense minister to expedite development of the nascent bal- listic missile program in response (to the hollow threat of new sanctions). The administration is in a real pickle. It desperately wants to lift economic sanc- tions on Iran, but it is being foiled by the rhetoric and actions coming out of Tehran. The Twitter-happy Iranian president posted recently that the United States must stop meddling in its personal affairs, and its right to defend itself, and nuke Israel out of existence. OK, he didn't exactly post that last comment, but it is certainly implied. Only the same political elites who believed the deal would succeed could possibly believe Iran would hesitate to threaten Israel with tactical nuclear weapons. We know what Iran has to gain by devel- oping an arsenal of nukes, and the delivery system needed to knock out Jerusalem, but what will they gain by the sanctions being lifted? To start with, Iran would gain access to the $100 billion or so of oil revenues currently frozen in overseas bank accounts. Additionally, the country could revive its oil wells and begin selling crude on the world market once again. The Iranians are emboldened by Western impotence, and the friends they have sup- porting them in the form of Putin in Russia and the pot-bellied dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. While Russia provides Iran with the technological know-how, Iran is providing North Korea with the materials needed for that country to develop its own atomic weapons arsenal. In other words, to deal with Iran, you must also be able to deal with Russia and North Korea on the same canvas. This logic seems to escape the experts at the UN and in the adminis- tration. The sole trump card in this game is the mental instability of our enemies. With the West unwittingly providing the rope, they will eventually hang themselves. Iran launches Emad rocket in clear violation of the comically-bad nuclear agreement with the West Global shocker: Iran violates nuclear pact The administration has announced new sanctions against Iran after violations of the nuclear accord Middle East —Neville Chamberlain, British prime minister, 30 September 1938

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