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4 wealth & success volume 3 issue 23 June 14, 2015 wealth & success Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved. FROM THE EDITOR Michael S. Hazell I remember sitting at the kitchen table working on an algebra assign- ment. I was probably 11 or 12 at the time. Looking at a problem that made absolutely no sense, a feeling of doom and defeat washed over me. I was never going to get this. What's the point. There go my future plans and dreams! It may seem pretty silly now, looking back, that the inability to tackle a math problem in school would take me to such a dark state of mind that I would still remember it all of these years later. But this appears to be the human condition—getting so emotionally caught up in what is happen- ing right now that we lose our sense of perspective. For example, we may look at our family's balance sheet and see a mountain of consumer credit debt primed for an avalanche. Or we may be stuck at a job we hate, cursing career decisions we made decades ear- lier. Or maybe we took our health for granted over the span of decades, and now we have physical challenges. For sure, it is very easy to get so emotionally caught up in the moment that our sense of perspective is deadened. However, there are techniques we can use on a daily basis to jolt us back to reality. And don't worry about your age or lot in life; with the understanding that life is eternal, and everything we do is carried forward beyond this part of the journey, why would we let our physical age or condition ever stop us from moving forward, no matter how slowly? So, let's put the past behind us and change our course! In this issue of the Journal, we give you a simple set of five metrics to gauge how successfully you are managing your day. Notice I said day, not life. For what is our life but an aggregate look at each single day, stacked one on another? By focusing solely on what we can accomplish this one day, and not letting the past affect our actions, we can truly achieve great things. "...this appears to be the human condition— getting so emotionally caught up in what is happening right now that we lose our sense of perspective." If we think of life as a marathon, we are doomed. If we turn that marathon into a series of easily manageable sprints, having fun along the way, we will succeed.

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