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2018.11.18 Penn Wealth Report Vol 6 Issue 05

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18 Nov 2018 PeNN Wealth Report volume 6 issue 05 5 Penn Wealth Report Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved. Charts tell the story. Here are some of our favorites from recent days. For the top business and economics stories of the week, visit Penn...After Hours at The Week in CharTs Higher heating bills? Sector Hi-Lo It's getting messy in Europe e arrogance of the ruling class in Europe is palpable. Whether they are dealing with the rab- ble in America, or the unwashed savages of the Southern European countries, the erudite brains in Brussels are frustrated about having to deal with such rubes. Maybe they can blame these simpletons on the European stock market falling over 12% so far this year, compared to the less- than-stellar 1% growth rate in the US markets. It has been a crazy year for US equities, to say the least. e formerly high-flying big tech names cratered, while boring consumer staples names got a bump as investors searched for safety. But, of the 11 S&P sectors, which ones performed the best/worst as compared to the Index? Health care was the winner, still up around 9% YTD, while the newest sector—communications ser- vices—came in last, down 11% YTD. Welcome to the club. Americans may be getting some relief at the pumps, but they may get hammered with the utility bills this winter. Natural gas futures have skyrocketed in 2018, from $3 per million BTU to over $4 per million BTU as of this writing—a 33% spike. It could have been worse: prices hit a multi-year high of $4.80 before dropping down nearly 20% in one day.

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