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2018.11.04 Penn Wealth Report Vol 6 Issue 04

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The Penn WealTh rePorT Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved. 04 Nov 2018 PeNN Wealth RepoRt volume 6 issue 04 3 Wealth. SucceSS. happineSS. 10 12 06 Strategic Income Portfolio Dynamic Growth Strategy Global Leaders Club Intrepid Trading Platform New Frontier Fund Another trade deal done, and this one was huge. Bloomberg uncovers massive Chinese hacking attack on US companies. Sears (finally) pulls the trigger on bankruptcy, but Lampert will stay. Think China's debt load is high? You don't know the half of it. Analysts misread (and overreact to) a change in Apple's reporting. Strong jobs report and wage growth make December hike likely. Boeing beats out Sierra Nevada, Sikorsky, to win Huey replace- ment deal. Boeing notches another huge win, will build next-generation Air Force trainer. Harris, L3 to have "merger of equals," creating sixth-largest defense firm. Can an Apple TV subscription ser- vice really compete with Netflix? Absolutely. A tale of two railcar makers: the divergence of Trinity and American Railcar. Top Quotes of the Week 16 Weekly Business RepoRt 17 18 19 Utilities Select SPDR® Fund Utilities have a lot going for them right now; not least of which, they are in a very defensive economic sector. 12 Stocks come crashing back to earth During the bloodbath that was October, we raised some stops and bought some undervalued gems. 14 Bright Ideas Being Ignored From manufacturing to banking, four ideas that are being missed—or ignored—by investors and the press. undeR the RadaR FRont MatteR haRvesting gold investMent intelligence Editor's Desk October: The danger of compla- cency and overreaction. The Week in Charts A look at some of the charts which shaped the news this past week. 04 Chevron Corp Forget the price of oil, Chevron is simply a well-run company to own for the long haul. 06 Bootstrapping, Part II Sales & Marketing: Now that your business is up and running, it is time to raise brand awareness and begin building your customer base. We look at building your website, email marketing, and actually getting paid (cha-ching!). 10 05 13 the penn stRategies the tRading desk 20 22 24 26 28

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